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Efforts to Eliminate Racial Segregation and Racial Differences

A Well-being lopsided characteristic among racial minorities is explained, relentless, and unpreventable (Sondik et al., 2010). Extremism may be one purpose behind these differences. Studies find that individuals who report experiencing bias presentation more horrendous prosperity than people who don’t report it. While this line of research has been valuable in moving the trade from […]

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The Effects of The Police Brutality on The Society

Police brutality is a complex phenomenon, which has widespread effects on today’s society. In recent years, the police have come under serious scrutiny for police brutality, and this has been underscored by the presence of video camcorders. Accompanying this issue, I will provide several examples and recent cases, as well as the related decision making […]

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The Controversial Debate Over or Not College Athletes Should Be Paid to Play

There have been ongoing arguments over the past decade of whether college athletes should be paid to play. Many argue that they do not have time to get real jobs because the requirements for the sport that they take part in are far too demanding Others cite that these athletes are provided full scholarships to […]

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The Benefits of Immigration to Refugees

Your heart beats against your chest as you clutched your little sister’s small hand. The smoke filled your lungs as the two of you ran through the devastated town you used to live in. You both witnessed the cruel death of your parents. Where do you go now? Home is not an option; there is […]

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The High Demand for Nursing Schools Shortage in the United States

When considering the enormous nursing shortage which is expected to ravage. The nation for years to come, it may seem counterintuitive. For schools of nursing to be more selective in granting students entrance into their programs. However, even with a national lack of nurses, universities. And Boards of Nursing must be confident that all students. […]

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We Should Take Action to Minimize the Pollution in Our Oceans

The ocean is vital to the well being and prosperity of our planet. Covering 71% of the Earth’s surface, the ocean’s vast beauty is not short of unfathomable. It is a shame that people take that beauty for granted because the ocean currently contains a staggering 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris and counting. It […]

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Blockchain Help Companies Keep Their Brand Promise

All companies have a brand, and in a way, a brand is a promise. When customers purchase goods or services, they expect the company to maintain their promise, whatever that may be. In this day and age, customers are becoming savvier of what their favorite companies are up to and where they’re obtaining their products. […]

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The Failure of the Current Foster Care System in the United States

In 2013, the adoption and foster care analysis reported that 402,378 children were currently in the system in the United States. Of these children, 50% of them will not finish high school. (The AFCARS Report) Currently, this system requires the movement of children instead of providing them with a singular, stable home. The failure of the […]

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