Essay on John Proctor

Imagine being executed for not confessing to a crime you didn’t do, that’s the story of John Proctor’s life. All he was worrying about was his image to people that were most important to him. All his intentions were trying to do good for himself and his family. Trying to be honest with himself and his faith, trying to save his wife’s life, it just didn’t John Proctor was the best character in the story because at heart he wants to be honest with himself, would rather die than confess to things he didn’t do, and says all he could to protect his wife. It just proves his unselfishness being willing to give his life for the better of his faith and family.

John Proctor would not confess to things he did not do. Danforth wanted to get Proctor to sign something confessing to doing the devil’s work and it would be hung in the front of the church for everyone to see. If he signs it he could live free but if not he would be hanged. Proctor chose to stay true to himself and would not hurt his pride by signing it, he already confessed to the things he did do and that wasn’t one of them so he would not sign it. He would rather be honest with himself and God and be dead than to live with that false reputation.

John Proctor wanted to be honest with himself more than anything. Proctor confesses the things he did do but he was accused of something he didn’t do and he didn’t want to live a lie so he would refuse to sign it because it wouldn’t be true to God and to himself. When they would keep asking him just to sign it so he wouldn’t be hanged he would still say no. He already confessed and would not sign it having people see his name there all the time in front of the church. He also didn’t want his kids especially to see his name in front of the church for being accused when it’s not true. That’s why he would say no to signing it every time even when he was about to he still changed his mind. That’s not the way he wanted to be remembered by anyone especially his kids.

John Proctor said all he could to the judges to protect his wife. He tried to convince them all he could and even showed them a petition with many signatures showing she is innocent and they still denied it. He tried everything and told them she was pregnant, that gave her time because they would not hang a pregnant woman. They pushed it back and said her execution wouldn’t be until after she gave birth. They still had to try to win the trial because if not she would be hanged after the birth.

John Proctor was the best character at heart. He just wanted the best for is wife and kids trying to keep her alive and doing what he had to do to be true with himself. Being honest to himself and God by not signing was important to him, so important he would give his life over it. He didn’t want his family to see that every time they went to church because he knows he really didn’t do it. John Proctors amount of unselfishness and determination to keep a good reputation in the eyes of his family and God proves he was the best character at heart.

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