Erich Maria Remarque Essay

On July 22 in the year of 1898 Erich Maria Remarque was born in Osnabrück, German. Erich was an award winning author for the most popular of his books All Quiet on The Western Front. He starting writing at the age of 16, while he and his family were moving around. To save his mental state he took on writing, he moved a total of eleven times. Though his book wasn’t an award winning, the movie that was last created in 1930 based on his book. Despite his success as a write, he didn’t go into college for literature. He attended University of Münster to become a Elementary teacher in the end of World War I. During his time in college he was drafted into the Military. During his time after his drafting took place, Erich ended up getting hurt in the war. He was placed in a German hospital to get his wounds treated, despite being hurt, he wrote his first book ever, The Dream Room. The Dream Room was published in 1920. Though he did continue writing after the war, he ask continued other jobs. Erich don’t it all, he was also a press reader, along with his author career. He was also obviously a teacher, indicated by his college degree in teaching. He also was what you least would expect a, a race car driving. Despite dong those jobs, he also had many other professions.

There could be many reasons that All Quiet on the Western Front was wrote. One reason is the book was made, was to show a the horrors of war itself. The whole book is based on fact that Erich different during his time in the war. The horrors of the war were his reasons to write his novel.The story is based on real life experiences. Due to the accuracy of the book, the German Army in the start of WWII banned the book to secure their army. Though the reason of the book was controversy, one known reason was to reveal the horrors of the war.

An author always has a style they put into all their book. Usually a style is different just like the author that created the books. The genre that All Quiet on the Western Front falls into war. The non-popular genre is what Erich dedicated most his books too. His writing was wrote with fact, with a bit of fiction in his book to build a plot line, to make the book better and more appealing. His writing were very original, so original you wouldn’t see his type of style. His writings made it so the reader could Imagine a accurate war setting to help develop the storyline and keep the reader engaged. The genre and style work hand in hand to make the story a wonderful and engaging story for all readers.

External conflicts present themselves in many different ways. One conflict that presented itself most openly, was the external conflict of war. War plays the main external conflict. The setting war is against all of the soldiers but mostly, against Paul. The war done him wrong in so many ways throughout the story. The war was the reason that many of his friends died in the war. Almost all his friends die from the way war done them wrong. Throughout the book their is small external conflicts, but never one that compares to the war. War is harsh against all of the characters, especially Paul in the end. In the end of the book, Paul, the main character and narrator of the book dies. Paul dies on a seemingly peaceful day of war. Paul dies in such a way that surprises any reader. He passed with a calm, content expression upon his face. He was the last to die of his group of soldiers that he loved the most.

Paul carries most internal conflicts in his head. One of the most internal conflicts the one Pail has with the USSR soldiers. During this time USSR was deemed as a threat and enemy in WWI. Paul was told many things that tried to make him hate the USSR soldiers, though he was hit with the reality that the soldiers were just like people he knew in his home country. Paul knows he’s supposed to hate the enemy but, he can’t help but feel remorse for feeling of hatred That he shows the soldiers at first. In side his head he knows he’s supposed to hate them, because that is what Paul is taught. He thinks that giving a hint of remorse would later lead to his death on the battlefield field. He swallows his emotions and leaves the soldiers and continues as he is supposed to, hating the enemies.

Protagonist seems to be a group of people, but one person in particular. Paul, the narrator and main character, is the protagonist in the book. As he narrates the book, he shows how war, the antagonist, is always against him in the end. The war takes all his original group of friends away from him in such harsh ways. For example Kemmerich is taken by disease after his leg is amputated in a war incident. Paul deals with all these effects of war upon his back, while also thinking about is family at home. He puts up a good fight against all the odds. Besides losing all

His friends to war, he gets bombed while returning to their huts. The bombing ends up being a huge gas bombing. Gas bombs were known to cause mass destructions and killing many people who end up in the range of the blast. Paul with someone of the people in his group such as Kropp and kat going into one of the shell holes. War shows many ways that it wants Paul gone, and in the end, war wins against Paul by taking his life.

The war. A major antagonist that is all against Paul, the protagonist, and the rest of his group of friends throughout the whole story. The constant fear of dying in combat is on Paul’s and his friends minds. The war proves itself to be a great opponent, besides the actual opponents being the allies. Death proved to be a big part in the story, and held a lot of the books plot. The first person to die due to getting shot and having an amputation to his leg, is Kemmerich. He dies of infection to the amputated area. It may seem like death may be the antagonist, but death happens due to war, and in which the war leaves a harmful scar on Paul’s emotions and brain. Paul dies ‘peacefully’ in the end after coming back from a front line battle, his cause of death unknown from what is read. War killed him in the end along with his other friends, winning against the protagonist, Paul.

Though there is little foreshadowing revealed in the book since it is a forward spoken story. Some foreshadowing would take place in the chapters before Paul’s friends passed away due to war. The foreshadowing taking place wasn’t apparent but you could tell that the tone and mass death of soldiers shown that all of Paul’s friends were going to die soon in their warfare. Each of his friends suffered a horrible death, with actions that were happening in the war before their deaths mostly became their reasons of death. Mass deaths led the reader to think that Paul’s friends, and later Paul himself, would die at the hands of war. The foreshadowing was an ongoing action throughout the story keeping a reader focused on what the future may hold for the group of friends. The carnage happening around the group is an ultimate hint what the future was going to be for all soldiers. Very little foreshadowing was presented in the book, but played a big part in the ending of that story.

Irony may not always stand out in the best of ways, but every book will have irony one time or another. All Quiet on the Western Front Demonstrates situational Irony towards the end of the book, on the exactly last page. In the end it says Paul died calmly, but the irony is there was no actually combat going on at that time, he survived the worst part of the war, and died when most of the harsh war was over. The expected cause of his death would to die in combat like his fellow comrades who fell at the hands of death, but instead Paul died in such a non-violent time in the story. This is also why the book is called All Quiet on the Western Front , because Paul’s dies on a ‘Quiet’ day in the war. Where it wouldn’t be expected for him to die. The situational irony brought the book and plot to a close.

Though the theme of All Quiet on the Western Front wasn’t a lesson learned, it did have a unique theme that made the special plot stand out among other books. Most books end with a theme that teaches a reader a great skill for everyday life, this theme was a bit different. The theme was to show anyone who read the novel, the effects and how brutal the war actually was on the people who fought in their way. The novel made people aware of the actual events that took place in WWI from the central powers. The hard truth of the theme ended up killing off all characters that proved to hold a huge part in the plot line. As each and every character died off, the war seemed to get worse. One by one each friend of Paul’s was killed off. The harsh truth of the war came out, and informed all readers of what really happened during WWI.

The plot line of the story proved to be a such an interesting, but also thrilling story. There wa so many great parts of the story, much more pros and cons in the plot line. The characterisation of Paul’s friends created a relatable situation in each of their home lives, outside the war. Talking about how they were friends with each other in high and how close they were, really made the characters so much better. Not only was the characterisation great, but so sad the accuracy of all the historical events! Accuracy of the events gave a better picture to the plot line, and helped develop the story faster, keeping the attention on the plot line it self. The book was magnificent and would be great to anyone who is interested in history, or just needs a bit of thrill in their day.

Though there was few cons, one seemed to stick out the most. The author, Erich, killed off all the friends rapidly and in such a fast pace. The deaths weren’t really focused on like they should be, since the deaths of all of Paul’s comrades played a big part in the emotions of the plot line. There should have been more focus on the deaths and a little less detail of what was happening around them at the time, to balance out setting and plot value. This was a big dent in the story, but nothing compared to the excellent traits.

All Quiet on the Western Front is a great book for adults and teens. If someone is interested in learning about first hand information on WWI, this book would be a great source, since it is based on Erichs times in the war, before he was of course released due to injury. The information is very informative and shines a light on the past, a past that most people would wish to forget. An informative peace such as this, is highly recommended to be in anyone’s shelves for entertainment and informative purposes.

The beginning of the book starts out with Paul talking about how he and his friends just returned from a battle. They went into the battle with one-hundred fifty men and came back with only eighty en. Fortunately Paul and his friends came back together. They relax after constantly being on the front line. The front line is always busy, so busy that they have had two weeks of non-stop battles. This was deemed very hard on the soldiers, as they are very worn out from constant stress. They settle down after a stressful two weeks and get their cigarettes and tobacco.

The very next day after Paul, Müller, Leer, Kropp, and Kemmerich return home, everyone but Kemmerich head to lunch after sleeping in till mid-day. The extra rations actually came to be a surprised to the guys, due to the usual lack of food. The chef complains about how he won’t get rid of all the food, in time to make the coffee for everyone. After finishing their meal they head out to go see Kemmerich in the hospital.

Kemmerich lays in the hospital bed, in the hospital wing on the game. He was shot in his thigh in battle. Müller looks under the basket and saw how he had his whole leg amputated. Müller told kemmerich how he wanted his prized, boots. Though kemmerich didn’t want to give them up, he had no use for the boots. Kemmerich eventually gives him the boots. Mülled is ecstatic because the boots are made very nicely.

Recalling the past of the new graduated students was put on the blame of one of teachers who forced them to sign up for the war.paul recalls their times in the way and tries to find the light in their situation to help make everything better. Kemmerich is basically laying on his deathbed, he was still being persuaded in giving Müller his boots. Later the boys going to training with their platoon. Their trainer himmelstoss is rude, and unethical. The soldiers in the platoon choose to stand up to their platoon leader,leading them to feel more grown.

During the war it’s believed by Kat, that nobody is actually given equal materials. Main taint an equal military, and making countries equal, in theory would demolish as, in Kat’s eyes. The idea of why Germany fails to rule the country, is due to Kant’s thoughts on that, the reason behind problems of Germany is the government has two much power, which creates an unstable relationship between the people and governments. Later on Paul and his friends try to get back at the mean pantaloon advisor, Himmelstoss. They wait for him to walk by and with such stealth, they slip out and beat him with a whip, totally unnoticed.

The sound of war takes notice while the soldiers are setting up a defense line on the front. Shooting takes place and they all get to a covered area and hide down, just until the firing stops. Paul sees a terrified new solider and places his helmet on his head to protect him from any damage that is coming towards the boy. The sound of death fills the air as many war animals die from gas bombs, the people who put animals out of their misery, complete the job with such ease.

While meeting up again in a camp, himmelstoss comes over to the group of boys, after we was caught of course acting unethical to other soldiers in his pantaloon. Tjaden refuses to speak with himmelstoss and pulls down his pants in front of him, and proceeds to run away. This causes a stir leading to the trail of Kropp and Tjaden. Both receive time in jail, in the actual campgrounds. Paul and his other friends leave them and go to find food, after playing cards with the men. They search and end up finding goose to eat, which they haven’t had actual meat in a while. Kat kills it stealthy, they fill up on goose and take the rest to Kropp and Tjaden.

After arriving in France , Paul is paid with great news, seventeen days of leave from his duties, though after he does back to training camp. As soon as Paul gets home, he is stifled and receives terrible news, his mother has cancer and is very ill..

After pail heads to training camp after his seventeen day leave. He notices that the camp

Is right beside another camp, full of Russian Prisnor a of war. Paul actually feels sympathy for the Russians. Paul’s eyes are opened to how Russians, are just the same as everyone else. He was taught to hate Russians due to german manipulation. Though the Russians are in poor condition they keep together without turning against each other. Paul’s sister and father come to see him before he goes back to the dressed front, they give him some jam for his ways. Paul m shares it with the Russian Prisoners.

When Paul makes it back to the front and back to his friends. He comes back to his surprise Himmelstoss, made ties with the group of boys, after being sympathetic from being on the front. Paul goes back into the front and kills a man. To his surprise the solider has a wife and kids. His guilt gets the best of him.

Paul’s time on the front leads him to a small village. He notices that in the village there is food, and housing. He has access to all the biotic food because he, and his friends have to guard a dump supply for the army. He and his friends, settle into the house. Later as their time of cooking carries on, a bombing takes place. They attempt to run out, Paul grabbing his pancakes and running, in the time being, Kropp gets hurt while trying to run. Kropp said if someone amputates his leg, he would kill himself. After the bombing they settle in someone’s home with them, the family feeds them and keeps them happy.

The constant fighting doesn’t let up on the german army. As the war gets stronger, so does death’s hold. As the fighting continues, Müller loses his life from being shot in the abdomen. Paul recurved the boots that Müller received from Kemmerich. Not only does Müller die, so does Kat from flying shell. Kat is Paul’s best friend, and he is dead in his arms.

Paul, now is the only one alive of his friends, but they were also school group. The war is still fighting strong, but now an end is seen. The United states joined the war, which was seen as a definite lose for the central powers. A gas attack takes place and Paul in the direct line of bombs. Paul on his way back from a small battle, dies peacefully in a field. On a very quiet day, on the Western Front.

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