Environmental Police

While at the Special Patrolman Academy Training, I was privileged to learn a lot that eventually helped to grow into an entirely responsible professional that I am today. Firstly I was able the police science at the academy which included among others, Constitutional Law, Criminal justice administration, Criminology and Deviance, New York Penal law and procedure and most importantly the New York State Environmental Law. I was able to learn the park ranger studies that mostly included Dendrology and Botany. Taking care of the environment in which we live was important to both the humans and the animals in the universe as the failure to conserve would render our lives in a state of jeopardy. I was also able to learn the defensive driving and the car stops.

Being a member of the New York City Urban Parks Enforcement Team, I was highly privileged to learn much as far as the professionalism of the job is concerned. Survival skills are among the key aspects that I was able to acquire at the Enforcement Team. I was also able to gain a self-discipline that has been pivotal to my success as a qualified professional.

Though under intense pressure, I mainly learned and acquired creative, analytical and critical thinking skills that have guided me in my approach to various dangerous situations that requires a hard decision to make in the attempt to get a lasting solution. I also managed to learn and grasp the concept and importance of being a team member in the achievement of missions and even being the same team leader if called upon. The fact that this was a paramilitary organization enabled me to learn the code of honor professionally.

How I learned We had various ways in which we learned the skills mentioned above at the academy and with the Enforcement Team. The environmental laws being the department’s specialized jurisdiction and all the laws that governed parks were profoundly taught for the provided 35 hours per every week for the period of the ten weeks. This also involved administering of the mid-term and the final exams to the candidates to enable evaluation of the level of the understanding. The police science at the academy which revolved around the Constitutional Law, Criminology and Deviance, New York Penal law and procedure were well published and provided to all the learners at the academy to read as more time was available.

This helped a lot in the understanding of the police science and mainly the constitutional laws. Through case studies and the real-life examples, I was able to learn the importance of the environmental conservation to both the animals and human beings. This was well covered on various outings to witness the effect of the environmental pollution especially on the plants and the resulting global warming. Survival skills in life were well covered through the channels of the recorded videos in which I witnessed various critical situations in which an officer was to separate a fight between the two armed fighters who later turned against him but applied some of the skills learned to manage to escape the danger unhurt.

Through the exams that were regularly being administered, I highly developed critical and the analytical skills as they required to come up with a case study creatively and critically analyze every aspect of the danger involved and how to solve the same. We’re frequently put in groups to work together whenever the assignments were being administered and this particularly helped to grasp the importance of a team work as they were a bit easier to handle.

How I carry out environmental laws I use these environmental laws learned to teach and educate the general public on the importance of conserving the environment as it is of great benefit to both of us in the universe. I also apply the same laws in my daily engagements, especially when interacting with the commonly known toxic chemicals that might damage the ozone layer. In an example, I offered summons especially to the civilians who often changed the oil for their cars without considering doing the same in a more safe way that is not dangerous to the health of the living. I educated them on the toxicity of the oil spilling on the soil and the general impact of the same activities and how it raises up in the air resulting in the respiratory diseases.


There were various challenges that I encountered at the training. At times some of the things went wrong at the training. Learning to use deadly force when I was at the academy was one of the biggest challenges that I ever felt. This was majorly due to the fear and the tension that I had as the process involved a force that would cause a substantial risk of serious body injury or even death. Going out to separate a fight in a heterogeneous group of teenagers at the early stages was one of the challenges that I greatly felt. The other main problem that I faced was during the Ice rescue where it was a little hard because it was cold in the dead.

Special Patrolman Academy Training

This being an academy that provides specialized skills and knowledge for Law Enforcement Officers who require the certification in their positions, I had to go through a process to become a qualified professional in the field. This involved learning the simple laws to the most critical situations in the course of delivering services to the public. Field experiences were the pivotal point of the training. Initially, the challenges were numerous ranging from the lack of the necessary skills to the fear and tension that I had. This came to an end when I decided to dedicate my life to the profession. I dedicated my time and tried all the best to adapt to the weather and remove the fear that I initially had.