E-books Vs Paper Books

Technology is a big part of the world today, in everyday life, work and school. Why not help students get the resources they need to help them in the classroom and prepare them for the future. The help college students receive from using technology is huge benefit. The research they need is just a swipe away other than tearing down trees for books that only last a few years to later be destroyed. Many books sit on shelve for years and never get opened up why cut down trees when you can just download what you need.

Students will save a ton of space, won’t waste anymore time waiting in line for their book and be a lot more organized. No more unwanted papers in your bag. Everything you need is on your eBook/ipad that barely takes any room at all. Everything you need automatically saves to your device and is just a click away. It’s the most productive way to study, do assignments and anything school related is at your finger tips.

In today’s society everything is run on technology, why not in the college class room as well. There’s, not many things an eBook cannot do from helping to take notes, doing essays, books and the internet at your finger tips. Everything a college student needs to succeed and get ahead to be the best student possible. Many students in this era can use an eBook before even looking things up in a regular text book. Teachers more often use slide shows and online type assignments, they also to contact students directly via email on eBooks.

A traditional text book only contains some information which is limited to that year or subject or the limited knowledge of the author. You may use multiple text books to help with that one assignment, if you don’t have the textbooks you need it can make it much harder to get things done on timely fashion. An eBook will have everything you need all on one device. It’s just a click away for countless information and resources needed to complete your assignment. People can also share information instantly with eBooks; Study groups can be done from the convenience of one’s own home via the internet.

It’s time for traditional text books to stay on the shelf and start using eBooks in college classrooms. It is a more productive alternative to help students with their work assignments in the classroom. Some of the practical advantages of going digital are obvious: A portable little eBook can carry an entire library wherever you go.

One favorable thing about eBooks is they save our trees which is good for our environment, not to mention the oxygen used for our lungs, so more trees means more air and healthier bodies. They don’t end up as waste in the landfills. It takes more work to make the books then to download all the information on an eBook you don’t have to wait for the book to be shipped or leave the comfort of your own home. You can also carry more books in your eBooks rather than lugging around more than on textbook at one time.

Another advantage to eBooks is you can read in the dark and also change the font size if you are experiencing trouble reading. You can download links, videos and audio to other similar books and the cost is less, Makes it more convenient for travel, school, and business. It beats going to the library and checking out books. It makes easier to get the book at a push of a button.

The disadvantages of eBooks is that you don’t get the actual satisfaction of holding the book feeling the paper and actually turning the pages. Staring and the screen for long periods of time can cause health problems like headaches, tension in the neck, vision problems.

Another disadvantage is that you need batteries or an electrical outlet to power your eBook so if you do not have enough power you will shut off in the middle of your reading. Wi-Fi is also a probably a good idea to have with your eBook because if you need information you will need to access the internet to do so. You can lose your files with eBooks which makes it very inconvenient because if you are storing information and it is lost you have to start all over again. Some may say eBooks will be a distraction to students; it’s an easier way for students use eBooks for personal use and not for its intended educational purpose. It may also cause eye damage from looking at the screen for long periods of time. Also eBooks can be stolen easier and are more expensive to replace

Although the digital era was expected to kill traditional books. But print books are ever more beautifully designed and lovingly cherished. Some might say they are all in about saving the trees and using an electronic device. So you actually think that eBook you bought is actually ‘green’ in a way? Where does the pollution go when ‘Made in China’ goes to create plastic from oil and the electronic parts are , and all put together using lead solder, from a factory in China, where workers work some long days. now it’s ship all around the world by container ships that burn fuel, trucks that pick up to deliver to a warehouse, then another truck picking it up to deliver to the store or deliver it to your home. No matter how you look at it neither text book nor eBook is actually good for our environment. They books destroy in their own way. One just seems to be more harmful than the other but I think it’s more of a personal choice of what one prefers.

So all in all the eBooks make it easier to access information and get your work done faster and more efficiently , which is best for today’s up in coming technology and new age era. This makes it convenient for people with busy lives and busy schedules. Now a day’s students are trying to juggle school work and family to get ahead. The world runs on technology and is constantly evolving and upgrading, so why stay behind they need to get with the times and help the students advance. There are other countries that have surpassed us in school and the technologies of students are being taught. It is a better way of teaching the student not only in class but to prepare them for the future since the times are changing at a rapid pace.

So if I want a book, I just go to Amazon.com or any other online book store to buy the eBook, and it’s wirelessly delivered to my eBook in less time than it would take me to get dressed.

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