Cultural Revolution of Mao

Revolutions are phenomena of the same order — this belief has become so commonplace so long ago that it seems that it no longer needs proof. In fact, if these two phenomena have something in common, then this is only the word ‘Revolution.’A.R. was a movement based on ideas, persistently rethought by the most serious of men in the process of creating a new nation, which was destined to become the freest and most successful community of people in all of human history. (Until the Democrats came to the decision to give all these achievements at the mercy of the Third World). F.R., in turn, was a rebellion of the insurgent rabble, a protest of an angry mob, and therefore became the prototype of the whole nightmare that the Bolshevik Revolution, the Cultural Revolution of Mao, the Pol Pot regime subsequently brought to the world. In this context, it is impossible not to mention similar events in America, from the uprising of Shayes in 1786 in Massachusetts to those taking place everywhere and before our eyes, attacks on White House employees and simply on Trump’s supporters. In fact, F.R. there is a variant of godless antithesis to all that America is based on.

And indeed, the most important feature of A.R. in that, having gained its freedom thanks to it, the American people created an independent, self-governing Republic. In contrast, F.R. with its senseless brutal cruelty, led to the restoration of another monarchy, followed by the dictatorial rule of Napoleon, and only after a long 80 years did France finally acquire the features of Republican rule. It is believed that the philosophical justification of both revolutions is found in the writings of two thinkers of the Renaissance, John Locke, as the ideological forefather AR R. and Jean Jacques Rousseau – as the forerunner of F.R. John Locke was concerned about protecting the individual rights of citizens. In contrast to him, Jean-Jacques Rousseau saw in the state one of the parties to the so-called “social contract”, according to which the “new man” would completely abandon his sovereign rights in favor of the state in order to ensure his interests through his agency. The historian Roger Hancock, after analyzing the theoretical arguments of the French revolutionaries, came to the conclusion that they deeply despised humanity, with the exception of that which they themselves propose to create.

“For the lofty goals of the liberation of man, they wanted to remake his very nature, so that it does not contradict the “social contract” established by the state. In their unfulfilled dreams, the liberals retrospectively see our Founding Fathers as similar to the French atheists peasants who make races with human heads on spears. Alas, but the creators of our state were the god-fearing descendants of the Puritans and Presbyterians (and Catholics!), Therefore, probably, King George contemptuously called A.R. ‘Presbyterian War’. Americans celebrate their Independence Day in commemoration of that day on July 4, 1776, when the United States Declaration of Independence was adopted, proclaiming US independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain. The main national holiday of the French – Bastille Day. The day when a thousand armed Parisians stormed the Bastille fortress-prison, brutally killing half a dozen guards, mutilated their bodies after that and strung their heads on spears. All this was done in order to seize weapons and gunpowder for subsequent attacks of this kind. It’s as if America’s main national holiday was the day when the riots broke out in Ferguson, leaving behind wounded policemen, looted shops and damaged buildings.