Comparative International Management

Comparative international management is the method of effectively running a business that operates in more than one country. It contains strategies on how to control, plan and staff so the organization can achieve its goals. The management of such large enterprises requires the owners or directors of the company to consciously keep track of the business’ proceedings to ensure that the business is running smoothly as the strategies that are used in one country may differ in other countries due to issues such as taxations and legal policies that have been imposed in the countries. First of all, when planning, it should be done in a strategic manner to ensure that both short-term and long-term goals have been established.

When planning on the short-term goals, it should be noted that the factors that are adjustable within the short-run. In this case for instance, if a company seeks to expand its ventures to a foreign country but it doesn’t have all the information or the resources required, it is wise if the management considers taking a partnership with another local company that is already established in the new country. This will help the company to learn the business trends in the new country before they consider expansions or running freely on their own. It is also important that comparisons are done between the business environments in the other country and the new countries.

This will help the businesses grow in all the countries that the ventures have been established as the management can pick the factors that have been effectively fuelling growth in each country and trying to impose the ideas in the best applicable way in the other countries. Understanding the culture of the new country is sure the best way to advance business-wise and achieve the corporate mission and vision statements that have been set.

Lastly, the management should consider the competitors who are offering the same products or services in the new countries. This will ensure that the business is doing well and chances of future expansions will be greatly elevated. The techniques that have been always used do not amount to massive growth. What can lead to such commendable growth is trying to reach new markets and laying out new business strategies. Venturing into effective advertisement techniques can see the company achieve massive success in all the outlets in the different countries that they operate in.

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