Black Death Events

Black Death appeared in Europe by 1348. 1350, it had left, though it had killed between 30-60% of the population. In 1362, 1368, and 1381, it struck then again into the 18th century. An exposed person would first first experiences flu-like symptoms, and then would notice an inflation in their groin and beneath their armpits. People would lose family members and friends unexpectedly The plague hit hard and fast. The plague would cause you to be sick for about 2 or 3 days and then you would die suddenly. The diseases affected the people in northern France; Normandy, had lost 70 to 80 percent of its population. Italy was simulary this affected. The people would dig a trench for each graveyard, in which they put all the dead bodies as they showed up, hundreds at a time, then they’d keep piling them up one after another until full. It’s Trades Fault Most people today would agree that the black death was probably spread through Eurasia because of certain trade routes. The parasites would have been carried on the backs of rodents. The bacterium was called Yersinia pestis (and not all people agree this was the culprit though) The black death soon enough went North to North Africa and the Middle East and caused terrible outcomes; by autumn 1347, it had travelled all the way to French port of Marseilles and then continued progressing both north and west. By early November, the Italian city-states, commercial hubs for European trade had been struck. The rest of Europe was affected afterwards. The disease kept spreading along the last few active trade routes that northern Italian and Flemish merchants had developed.

How it affected Christians?

The Black Death resulted in killing around 1/2 of Europe’s population, and diminished people’s wealth, social standing, or religious piety. Survivors would end up confused and almost without feeling, it affected lots of people’s mental being. With so many dead and dying, things that had kept the society together were swapped out with confusion, greed, hostility, abuse, remorse, and, at times, genuine caring. Certain chronicles tell of outbursts of violence, Christians started ganging up on Jews in Germany and where many Jews lived, and many thousands were burned everywhere, and they also started ritualized attacks against Jews who became scapegoats (meaning of scapegoat: a person or group made to bear the blame for others or to suffer in their place.) Some Christians became more pious, believing that their piety might bind them to a God. They assumed God sent Black death to cause them suffering, for commiting sins. They would start viciously hitting themselves with whips, and standing in the roads at times. Some Gave also themselves over to happiness nuns, priests, monks and lay men and women all relished their new experience. Everyone thought they became rich because he had escaped the Black Death and lived in a new world.

Economy Result

The Black Death absolutely destroyed the economy. It also stopped trade and put manufacturing on hold as skilled merchants and artisans died by the thousands. Famine followed. People struggled to comprehend what was happening. In Western Europe scared people often turned to their Christian faith. As a result, the Church became richer, in an effort to assure a place in heaven, people willed their property to the Church. But the authority of the Church also was affected. Luckily now we don’t have to worry about it, but it’s always good to be informed.

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