Better Work Together in Team

Everyone is always better together, but what does it exactly mean? Does it relate to your best friend picking up your books or to your family who has been through it all, picking you up when you fall down? In theory both are correct. Both may help you thrive but may bring you down as well. The fact that everyone is able to help each other is an amazing thing. These people may not even know you. They believe in the greater good of sticking together. People can do things themselves, but as the saying goes, two heads are better than one.

Everyone can do things on their own but help is always wanted. Whether it’s with the smallest of tasks such as carrying something large to helping build something to better improve the world we live in. We may have power as one person in this vast world, but united we can change things. The world we live in will never be perfect, but we can do something to bring it closer than it is now.

We the people have great power with our words and actions, though as one we may not change anything. All 7.6 billion of us have a voice we need to use. Being a unit will just help us improve our society and become a safer and happier world rather than always fighting and hurting one another. Being able to work well in a team will help with that.

There will always be someone out there that needs your help.Going to help them will give them a feeling of appreciation leaving you with the feeling that you were able to help someone in need. We all have needed help at one point or another. Helping others will give both of you a sensation of joy. When we work together great things can happen.

A great example from history was Martin Luther King Jr. He spoke for what he believed in. Using his great speaking skills he had a team who had assembled and helped create the American civil rights movement, which worked for equal rights for all races and backgrounds. We are always better together. Every movement has a team behind it, supporting and building it. The world has many people with a voice. If we were to all come together we can become a force to reckon with. The world is large and if we all come to work together to help everyone thrive. It may take a while but we are all able to work together and become one united force.