Australian Healthcare System

Provision of health care in Australia is from government-operated hospitals, private medical practitioners and private hospitals. The cost in the health care system can be provided by both private insurance and government agencies. In addition, it has been noticed in Australia that the balance can be paid by the patient, which sometimes leads to some questions, which need to be answered. Furthermore, in Australia it is expected the health care system to be subsidized for all Australian citizens as well as permanent residents. In specific circumstances, it is also known that a number of other schemes cover the medical costs for indigenous or veterans Australians.

Other things, which can assist in providing medical care system, might include  motor vehicle insurance as well as work workers compensation schemes. Despite all the above form of medical assistance from various donation aid, as a medical officer has received complaints from patients through the practice manager who has developed concern as a result of the same. After practice manager realized the complaints he made me come up with three patient information sheets which will be used to avoid confusion and reduce the number of complaints being received as described below

Information sheet 1: Explanation why out-of-pocket expenses occur

Complaints from patients treated despite the assistance they expect it has been realized that patient must pay for other expenses despite the subsidized health care system in Australia. These expenses have been occurring due to corrupt doctors who need an extra salary to supplement the little they have. Additionally, the patient should pay for extra money out of their pockets to cater for some of the services, which they might receive and government alongside other donation agencies have not provided. Finally, the patient can also pay for other workers who serve them and are not employed or they neither receive salaries from those donation agencies thus patient always will complain if such matters are not solved.

Information sheet 2: explanation of the consequences of unpaid accounts

At the same time, some administrative fee is charged based on unpaid accounts during the time of consultation from the doctors. Some results have been noted in patients who fail to pay for the accounts, for instance, those patients who have not paid for their account are not served, and this can cause loss of life to that patient who fails to receive health services.

Information sheet 3: explanation why health care cardholders are entitled to a discounted rate

Sheet 3 gives an explanation on why there are some differences in charges among health care holders and other patients. It has been noticed that as much as charging in the Australia heath care system is concerned patients complain about why they pay more than heath care owners who usually pay very little. This has been known is due to corrupt officers in the office who befriend some of the office managers to be treated free or at low charges.

Scenario 3 Working at Dr. Black’s obstetrician medical room, I am supposed to have full information of all the people who decides to have private doctors for their medication. As a result, Jillian who is 15 weeks pregnant needs to be cleared all her medical expenses and made sure that her care from the doctor is fully covered. As a result, I need to ask Jillian some questions to assess if her insurance will cover her pregnancy. Some of the questions include:1. Having chosen the private care of your pregnancy with Dr. Black, Jillian need to have an insurance cover that will cater for your pregnancy. I should ask her if she has an insurance cover. 2. Is her insurance cover is sufficient to cater for the pregnancy period?

3. For how long has her insurance cover been in service having maintained it for the last five years? Having found out that Jillian insurance cover will cater for her pregnancy period. I noted that it will pay for the period and still have an excess of $500. The insurance cover service will cater for hospital anesthetist’s charges and accommodation. As a result, she is required to have out-of-pocket money that will be needed for other expenses for her stay at the hospital, since they shall not be provided by the hospital. Besides, In Australia, the medical price for aspecialist is high with 30% consultation and A$65.73 out-of-pocket.

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