American Dream Essay

The American Dream is defined as an equal opportunity for all people to achieve a purpose in life, by working hard to attain that goal. In the Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald, the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, and the Crucible by Arthur Miller. Characters in these three novels portray ideas of achieving their own idea of living and achieving the American Dream. Some of the characters achieve their dreams, on purpose, while others fail trying. Nevertheless each character had a chance to fulfill their American Dream. While both John Proctor, and Gatsby did not achieve what they thought was the American Dream, due to devious individuals. Huck achieved his american dream by separating himself from his biggest influence his dad.

John Proctor did not achieve his American Dream of fulfilling Puritan Values due to the manipulation of others, mainly caused by Abigail Williams. An aspect of the American Dream would include hard work, however, Miller portrays hard working people such as John victims of crimes and accusations they never committed, Proctor says “ Because it is my name! Because I won’t do another crime again! Because I won’t lie and sign myself to lies” (Miller 143).

Proctor will not write a written confession because he knows the actions against him are all due to Abigail Williams. Proctor knows that the devil, was a hoax, and knew that he would let down his neighbors and family if he confessed the truth, but to Proctors inability of not being able to tell a lie, led to his death, and his letdown of not telling his family, and people the real truth. He wants to keep honor to his name. John Proctor also did not achieve his American dream due to his uncontrollable emotions, and the crazy amounts of hysteria that the court and the girls caused. Proctor says” Abigail is a Whore” ( Miller 110). Proctor wanted people to know about Abigail, and see how she wanted to get rid of Elizabeth, but in doing this Abigail accuses others like Mary Warren who did no wrong of witchcraft, the court believes her because the girls supporting Abigail mock exactly what she does. This leads to John pressing Mary to tell the court the truth, but Mary turns on John and accuses of him of being the devil, which eventually leads to his death.

Gatsby, From The Great Gatsby, did not achieve his American dream because he did not maintain his goal of falling in love with Daisy, due to others interfering. Gatsby, wants Daisy to tell Tom that she loves him now, but under so much pressure Daisy says “ Oh you want to much. She cried helplessly I’d love him once-but I love you” ( Fitzgerald 132). Due to this engagement Daisy gets mad at gatsby, and refuses to talk to him which hurts their relationship. Gatsby is expecting a phone call from Daisy, but now Daisy is thinking whether to commit to Tom or Gatsby, eventually Tom tells George Wilson what happened, that Gatsby had ran in to this wife and killed her.

Which lead to his death as he was going to answer the phone call. Gatsby Wealth was another reason why he didn’t achieve his goal of falling in love with Daisy. Gatsby has come from a poor background, but he has earned his wealth through a number of bootleg operations. Gatsby says Her personality and voice speak of big fortune and prosperous wealth” (Fitzgerald). Gatsby’s love for Daisy is tied with his pursuit of wealth, and status in society. Gatsby doesn’t want to move anywhere else with Daisy except his home, because if he does, he won’t be getting any money from his corrupt businesses, and from his partner Wolfsheim. His love for Daisy, and his wealth was so powerful that he would have ruined his relationship with others like Tom, for Daisy’s love, her wealth, and to keep his name is good stance.

Huck from the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn American dream was to be able to be happy, and leave his past behind him. Huck wanted to be able to control his own life. A main cause of Huck’s happiness was him escaping from his abusive father Pap. Pap was an abusive alcoholic who didn’t want to abandon Huck, he repeatedly scrutinizes and threatens Huck decisions of wanting an education, and his money he left with Judge Thatcher. Pap says “ you are educated too. You think you’re better than your father now! ( Twain 32).

Most parents want the best for their children, but according to Pap however Huck should be exactly like him a drunk, racist man. This is why Huck decides to sneak out of the cabin, and leaves Pap for good. Huck wants control of his life, and want to be adventurous boy, at the end he settles off to the west to start a new chapter of his life. Huck doesn’t really have anyone who cares about him throughout the story except for Tom, and Jim. Miss Watson and Pap were close to him, but they didn’t understand Huck. On Jackson Island Huck says “ I wouldn’t want to be nowhere else but here. ( Twain 47). Huck wants to be around people who care for him, and people he cares for as well. Huck develops the bonds with Tom, and Jim throughout the novel. Huck finds the family he destined for with Tom, and Jim. They Might now show him affection all the time, but they understand him.

The American dream is a concept that everyone drives for in their own different, unique ways. While some people achieve their dream with ease, many have a difficult path to achieve that dream they thrive for, they encounter many obstacles whether it be other individuals or other tasks. The definition of the American dream when these novels were written were solely based on the fact of being successful in what you want to accomplish. The American dream has changed significantly from what it was back then to what it is today in society. People pursue the American dream as a way happiness, and as a way of passing through life, finishing what you started back then and now. Everyone can have their own interpretation of the American dream, and fulfill it however they want.