A Medical Ethic Dilemma

In most parts around the globe, most infants are born so prematurely that they often require immediate intensive care service after birth. Medical Science has made a lot of amazing and lots of advances in the last few years, and with the help of sophisticated equipment, experts now take care of these types of infants who in the past would not have survived at that early age. For these babies, life starts with a fight, a fight against death. Although these children have a greater chance of survival than decades ago, these infants have a darker side that accompanies their success.

The lives of the children who survive this early trauma are filled with disability, pain, and suffering. So what should be done? Should medical experts stop all efforts of saving the child or should the doctors leave the baby to die slowly? It is a moral dilemma that both parents and physicians face daily. This work introduces a biomedical example where doctors are to decide a crucial ethical decision regarding the lives of premature twins and uses the Kantian ethical perspectives to inform that every person has a right to live.The Kantian moral logic approach tries to scrutinize actions with regards to their results and inquires why some actions are agreed under particular occasions.

The theory stands for the basic idea that any corrective or life-saving measures ought to be performed to convey individual distinctiveness like universal moral law conformity. And that an ethically permissible action is that which is universally appropriate to everybody. Here, universality is the background for considerations, and since everyone has the right to life, even premature infants have to live. At this point, it’s more ethical to reason with the doctors who believe that the wrongness or rightness of an action is free from their consequences.ie.

Some actions are evil or good by just themselves. Besides, according to the Kantian logic, medical professionals have the central role in delaying death as long as possible. The doctors are ethically correct when they afford immediate intensive care help to premature twins. Besides, the suitability of any patient curing has to give enough initial life-saving comfort to the premature infants and should be promoted through immediate action. Even the entire health care profession has its role in maintaining health and preventing patient death at all costs.

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