A Man With a Dream

The rights for equality came for a man with a dream. He never liked how the world was so split up. He lived in an area where it was highly segregated. He went to school where he wasn’t aloud to do the same thing as the whites. The colored people weren’t aloud to do many thing that the whites could do. King never understood why they were treated so badly just for there color of their skin. They would get disrespected just by going out in public. He soon knew he wanted to change the world.

King was a very smart man. His father wanted him to follow his footsteps as a pastor but king had other plans but later become one of a small church. By the age of 15 King started to look into college. According to Northcentral University Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. and his impact on Education at the age of 15 he enrolled into his first college at Morehouse College”. (Celebrating 2018) He valued education very much, but the one thing he never liked was how everyone was treated differently. King went to many different colleges throughout his life. He was accepted in many different colleges such as Yale where he got a degree in Theology. After we went through many different colleges he soon realized that wanted to start a movement for equality. “ According to Northcentral University Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. and his impact on education King lead the modern American Civil Rights Movement”. ( Celebrating) He didn’t like how he wasn’t getting treated differently just for the color of his skin.

King was well known for his Civil Rights Movement over equality. He grew up in a very segregated community. He never understood why colored people got treated differently just because of their color. He went to different colleges that were very well segregated as well. He would go out in public and get treated terrible for no reason. He wasn’t the only one who was getting treated badly and hated it. He then soon started a protest against equality. He people disliked him for this protest. He just wanted everyone to have to same rights.

King traveled all over the world. He spoke to thousands of people about the rights for equality and a better education. “According to History.net Martin Luther King Jr. He is well known for his speech I Have a Dream”.( History.net) He had a dream for everyone to have the same rights. For schools to not be segregated. He wanted every little boy and girls to be able to play together. He wanted equality for everyone.

However many people hated King. They didn’t like him for him for try to make the world treated equal . “ Kings home was bombed by white suspects many times.” (History.com) This happened to King very often, because he was hated by the white population. “King had went to arrested over 20 times”. ( History.net). He was arrested for racism many times. He was just trying to do what best for the country.

He was assassinated outside of a hotel he was staying at. “ King was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1965”. ( History.com) King was the youngest man alive to receive this award. He is remembered once a year for his movement. He has impacted are society very much. The world would still be segregated without him today.

King had a dream and he went for it. He was hated by many people but that never stopped him once. He didn’t like how the world was treated differently just because the color of their skin. It was very challenging for him but that never stopped him for achieving his goals. He put his family at risk for many years because people were after him. He had a dream and never gave up.

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