Product Selection

Product selection is defined as the process where a number of criteria are followed are taken into consideration through identification, reviewing and the selection of the new commodity regardless of their limits towards the quality and safety. In this essay I will describe to the president about selection of the new and why I think it’s important to invest the capital resources in enhancing the development of the product or the service, in addition I will also convince the audience in every way possible to ensure that they have developed the interest on the item or service, also I will use AIDA model to provide good and adequate information to both the official and those who are out, give credibility to my request, visualize the readers minds and make them believe that I am talking about a beneficial thing to their company but not for my own benefits this can be well achieved by giving out the relevant example on what I am explaining to them and also request for a specific course of action to be undertake and what as well as how to deal with any difficulty in selling the units to the customers and last but not the least, the channels to be used in making the product or service, then at the consideration of the multinational and cross culture implications.

I am writing this to inform you that I have selected a product which I suggested that we adopt it in our organization by investing in this product, I feel that it’s good to for it will improve our profit making in the organization as whole, despite the fear of loss, it’s good to know that for us to succeed, that is realization of profits then we must take risk, and as I know that you are good in trying new ideas, then you will consider my view and start investing capital on it, definitely all will be successful and the organization will enjoy the benefit.

To make it easy we need to apply the AIDA marketing model, here we can create awareness or else affiliation on the product to make many people be aware of the new product, secondly, and we must generate interest on top of the product, this will attract the buyer to begin with his investigation further, furthermore, we have desire which is the connection towards the brand emotionally, this makes the buyer start liking it and lastly, the action which involves the interaction of the buyer and the company either through phone calls, live chat and joining a newsletter among many others.

Therefore, this marketing model will lead to buyer’s influencing and then eventually they buy the product or service, this becomes an advantage to the organization. I will also ensure my credibility approaching every audience in a different approach, this will make me be seen as a credible person, and again I respect their opinions highly together with their points of view and also conduct myself in a manner that comforts them. (Rawal, 2013)

In an occasion where the sale of the selected product doesn’t initially sale according to the way that was expected to be, then we shall have a duty to lay down the strategies which could improve the quantity sold. Also we need to understand that when a product or service is new in the market, the customers might be fearing to buy it, they might be fearing on the side effects of the product, at this initial stage there are very few innovators who decide to take the risks, the sales will normally be low and many people are in the laggards stage, that is being traditionally bound, makes it difficult to go for the new brand products, and therefore a demand for mass distribution of the new product or services arises, however this sufficient for increasing sales, another supportive action also is needed, this supportive action is none other than ensuring that massive advertising of the product, this creates the awareness of the product to a large number of people who decides to look for the product or service, therefore it is seen clear that distribution of the product and services to different geographical areas goes hand in hand with advertisement, by doing so the sales units of the product will start increasing.

Another alternative for solving this problem of sales of the product being low is to lower the price when the monetary value is lowered, there is high penetration while when the price is extremely high, there is low penetration of the market. Therefore the organization will only have to reduce the price in order to get many customers whereby the sales units will increase, however, I must be keen on this lowering of prices to ensure that the organization doesn’t operate at loss. After our brand has been known by many buyers, then we will have to do some improvements on it so that we can gradually increase the prices as well as increasing the volume of sales of the selected product or services.

Selecting the product is not the last step, therefore as a company, we must consider the selling of the product, and this can be done in four different ways which are termed to as the digital channels for marketing channel. (Rosenbloom, 2012).

These channels of selling include direct selling which involves selling the product selected one on one to the consumers, unlike the oldest form of selling the up-to-date form of selling through demonstration, arrangements involving personal contact and sales on the internet. This method will be appropriate for it will attract many customers due to the numerous benefits like demonstration, home conveyance, useful information concerning the product is shared to the buyers, on the other hand, it’s a is very cheap to start as an organization we will be using this when we want to show the performance of the product or when customers are concentrated in one area.

Secondly, there is selling through intermediaries, this channel involves the wholesalers and retailers who are used by the business organization to ensure that the product reaches the final consumer. We can use this when the targeted customers are scattered over large geographical areas where it is difficult t6o demonstrate. Thirdly, there is dual selling, here we engage in selling the product or service in two ways in order to reach the final consumer, for example, we can sell our product to other organizations for resale or direct to the final user. By using this channel, we will be able to realize doubling in the sales volume of the product.

There are a number of cross-country culture impacts, they are as follows cultural identity, culture is the study of ways, values and attitudes possessed by people from a particular place, these attitudes and ethics impacts communication since everyone has different norms which he or she practices happens to be different from one another thus it can easily lead to a clash in the workplace or in some parts of the world. Racial identity, which is the person’s ownership to a particular race may have an effect on the way we interact with the workmates. Even when a person is needed at place of work, many leaders always looks for the people from their race, this may cause hatred among the people in a certain field, another major impact of cross-culture is gender roles which simply means people are affected from the perceptive in which their societies views towards the roles of women and men.

For example, in an organization, we find that men are allocated high paying jobs as compared to women who are paid. Lastly, I will look at the multinational implication, especially in communication. When a common language which everybody in the workplace is known by every person, there will be effectiveness in communication hence creating a favorable working environment, this also lead to easy sharing of information and easily getting the solution of any problem that might occur, this is made necessary by having a collective discussion on the matter.

In conclusion, I can say that, if a product is selected, the appropriate strategies must be employed wisely in order to ensure that there is a balance especially in pricing strategy which should balance the cost and the selling price of the product to prevent occurrence of loss and at the same time increase the number of sales. Also, the AIDA model should be adequately applied for it will lead to increase in selling of the product, otherwise the person who has selected the product should emulate the discussed point throughout the essay so that the organization can take control of the product hence realizing profits.


Rawal, P. (2013). AIDA Marketing Communication Model: Stimulating a purchase decision in the minds of the consumers through a linear progression of steps.

International Journal of Multidisciplinary research in social & management sciences, 1(1), 37-44.Rosenbloom,  (2012). Marketing channels. Cengage Learning.`

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