First Love

Evelyn was 16 years old when she first kissed for the first time in her life. This happened during her 16th birthday during the night. Dan and Evelyn were on their first date where they were having a cheeseburger and French fry. Dan leaned and kissed Evelyn as they were on the back porch. This made Evelyn think of all the things that she has ever dreamed of in her entire life. It feels so good to her since it is something that she has wished to experience and finally she has made her feel happy and proud of herself. Since it was the first time for Evelyn, she was not sure what to do and what not to do.

She kissed with her eyes open, and she had no idea where to place her hands. All that Evelyn knew is that Dan’s lips were all hers which felt good to her. They were as God as taking or eating ice-cream during a summer night. The two lovebirds were fond of listening to one song which is known as “in your eyes.” This made Evelyn think that Dan was about to kiss her and she was always anxiously waiting for the kiss. Dan would always respond by telling her that he thinks she is great and that they can make something perfect from one another.

Evelyn suggested that it’d be nice if they often met and knew each other more since they have a lot to do and share among one another. The two stayed in the car listening to romantic music and Evelyn there wished when she will be kissed once more for the experience was fantastic. After the first kiss, Evelyn was convinced that her love life would never be the same again. They made so many promises to each other and dreamt of having many dreams together. One kiss led to more dates. The two were new to dating, so it was a little difficult for them, but they had to adapt to the situation.

They held each other’s arm in whatever place that they would meet and after school, Dan would always hold her by the waist. They would kiss saying goodbye before their parents came to pick them up after school. The thing that was always on her mind is that she has found a boyfriend who she can think about and call whenever she needs someone to keep her company. Dan used to write love letters for Evelyn, and she used to show them to her friend. She claims that Dan loved her before she could love herself and before she knew how to let a man love her.

Months went by, days, weeks, and years but the two finally broke up. Before Dan went to college, they had to say their goodbyes and how much they love each other. Dan expressed it like she no longer will get back. She kissed her so passionately and for long and then left with his car. They sent each other emails and letter but after three months all of this changed. There were no letters and emails that were being sent.

The two went silent since no one could hear from the other one. After a while, Dan broke up with Evelyn through a call without a genuine reason. At the age of 23, they both tried to make it up, but they were notable since it did not last. Facebook has helped them to see each other and knows how their future went on after they broke up years back. The two are now happily married, and with children though they got different partners.

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