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The Existence of an Academic Achievement Gap

Workers and students in the American science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) sector face some of the biggest controversies in the academic fraternity. One of the biggest concerns in this respect is the existence of an academic achievement gap, especially between the two genders. Statistics show that the number of male workers in the STEM […]

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Education Begins at Home

Education is commonly referred to as the process of learning and obtaining knowledge at school, in a form of formal education. Generally, at the start of a very young age, children learn to develop and use their mental, moral and physical powers, which they acquire through various types of education. The process of education does […]

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Studying the Achievement Levels of Students

Investigations on the benefit music education may provide for young, developing children have been conducted for several years. Though all questions have not been answered concerning the concrete advantages of music education as it relates to the achievement levels of students, research does show a positive outcome in various results. Among these results, there has […]

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Do Personality Traits Influence Academic Achievement?

The notion of acknowledging the individual is often considered when evaluating the effectiveness of teaching pedagogy and educational communication, in order to provide optimal learning and academic performance. Individuals’ personalities differ in a multitude of ways, including the way they prefer to learn. Due to this many students, parents, teachers, and even researchers feel that […]

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Intellectual and Behavioral Readiness Skills on Academic Achievement

Kindergarten readiness is an essential factor in determining achievement for young learners and determining where improvement should occur. This paper is a review of literature related to kindergarten readiness skills and the correlations with academic achievement. In general, the literature seems to indicate that readiness skills, mostly focused on attentive behaviors, social-emotional, and academics, have […]

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Self-Esteem and Academic Achievement

This paper discusses the relationship between self-esteem and academic achievement, two variables that have been shown to influence and/or predict all students’ academic successes and failures. The purpose of diving into the relationship between these is to be able to identify and develop interventions to enhance both, while assisting students in developing their academic, career […]

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Factors of Aboriginal Students’ Academic Achievement

In 2016, Aboriginal population accounts for 4.9% of the total Canadian population, and about one quarter of the the Aboriginal people are under 14 years old (Statistic Canadian, 2019). This means that Aboriginal children will play important role in the Canadian for the future. However, according the researches, about half of the Aboriginal students dropped […]

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The Positive Influence of Others

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you a good person is the greatest accomplishment. Adolescents face various kinds of problems these days, which highly impact their decisions. Peer pressure is one of the major problems of our society for which people have misconceptions, that it leads to negative results. […]

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