Crna Entrance

Yearning to become a nurse Anesthesia is my dream. It is not only my person but my inner most ambition. This interest became vivid when I started working in the ICU. This critical care unit challenged me and gave me an opportunity to utilize my critical thinking ability and skills. Being in this field will allow me to exercise my nursing skill that I have leant and also help boost my critical thinking ability. Having had some experiences in the field and also held a surgical mission trip to Guatemala, I realized that nurse anesthesia is my professional that I was destined to pursue. Backed up by my personal and professional strengths, am very confident that I would offer the best care to patient especially those in critical state. One of the most essential personal strength is my hardworking ability. In all sort of life, whether in school, at work or in my personal life I have always worked smart to achieve my set objectives. I highly like working under challenging condition.

For instance, during my nursing practice I worked in the ICU since I strived to take care of the most critical patients. I therefore ensure that I challenge myself in the field to enable growth in my level of skills. This fundamental strength will make me a strong candidate for the TCU Nurse Anesthesia Programme. Passion for learning is another vital strength that I possess. In my professional line, I have always looked for opportunities to learn and this clearly will make me a strong asset as a nurse and will also make me strong and confident in my field. As a registered nurse, I have advanced my knowledge in CRRT, Balloon Pump, Impella, therapeutic hypothermia among others. I have been awarded CCRN certificate and also I have undertaken practice project.

To better my knowledge on the nursing field, I have been a leader on my project in the implementation of evidence based in EBP practice project in the ICU at my hospital. This project has increased my ability to manage patients who are in critical state. Nevertheless, over and above the strength mentioned above, I am a very compassionate and very dedicated to the patients under my care. Recently I attended a surgical mission trip to Guatemala and performed over a 100 surgeries and procedure I within a duration of two weeks. This gave me ample experience in the nursing field and improved my assertiveness as well as transforming many lives of patients we attended to. This vital experience and exposure would be more efficient and highly motivating if exercised in our own land.

The TCU Nurse Anesthesia Program will be very beneficial in my career line. I highly believe that my critical skill and my thirst in knowledge will be material to the people who highly need this services. Personally I shall have achieved my heart felt goal of serving the people and bettering my knowledge in the same field. This will offer me satisfaction by performing what my heart have been yearning to accomplish. My anesthetic services are not only meant for the patients in the United states but also to patients in those under developed countries whose health care services are either inadequate or unavailable. It is my humble request that this plea goes through and will help me achieve my desires.

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