Children in United States Get Child Abuse

Child abuse is one of the strong topics that we have in the United States. The foster care rates have gone higher for every child that goes in the states system. Child Protective Services (CPS) has different cases of child abuse that gets reported every ten seconds that they are children getting physically, emotionally abused,sexually abused. Children who ends up in the systems are ended up in places that where they shouldn’t belong, due to parents failing their expectations of being parents, or people who made it seem like they care about the children but instead end up abusing the children.

Neglect it is a type of child abuse that can be caused by lack of hygiene, how the child dresses on the daily, their body changes its weight because they don’t have the proper nutrition in their bodies. In Oklahoma a three -year old girl was found wandering near highway US 62. Parents identified that the child was missing that she belong to them and also said they had a 1 year old is at home by herself. Police said that when they entered the home they noticed a heavy odor of feces, and urine. A police officer noticed a baby that had a diaper,that must have been a day old with a strong amount of urine and feces running down the baby’s leg. The police officer took the baby to get washed in the sink and notices pieces of skin falling from the child’s buttocks because of the feces. They found rodent feces, dried milk from a sippy cup and it appeared that had feces as well on the food.

Police found drug paraphernalia inside the home, the parents had been arrested for child neglect and the children were taken to protective custody. The three year old girl was just scared and looking for her parents to give her food. In this article there was so much neglect with these children.(, 2018) An another way neglect can cause a child is that their parents can be drug addicts or alcoholics. The parents will choose to buy drugs or alcohol than to buy food for their children. On November of 2018 in Sheridan,Oregon the Yamhill county Narcotics team decided to bust Michelle Spittle’s home learning that she had been selling and using drugs inside of the home while having two children. They have found meth,heroin and other drugs inside the home ,as well in Spittle’s bra they have found two bags of drugs.The children were acknowledge that there was drugs inside the house. Spittle was arrested and charged for two counts of first- degree neglect, delivery of heroin within 1,000 feet of a school, delivery of meth within 1,000 feet of a school, and possession of both drugs. The children were immediately removed from the home after the search was done at 5:00 AM to make sure children do not arrived near the area. Parents who has neglected their children it creates another type of abuse to the children and they have to get help

Physical abuse is a form of child abuse it can be caused by anyone they know or don’t know. Children that can be physically abused and it can lead to death and emotionally disturbed for the rest of their lives. In a Child Care at Arkansas a daycare worker was caught on camera “abusing” 21 -month-old children. McKenzie Howell was arrested on two felony counts on endangering the welfare of a minor on June 29th at Kid’s Academy in Bryant . Howell was very aggressive with the children she will pick up the children from their shoulders off the ground and put them aggressively into their chairs while children are crying. Mother of a child said “ She picked him aggressively, put dropped him down that it made him hit the wall before falling to the floor.”(, 2018) Parents could be abusive to their children or the parent’s significant other decides to abuse a child that had no harm to their relationship.

Grand Prairie 4-year-old Leiliana Wright was brutally beaten to death by her mother Jeri Quezada and her boyfriend Charles Phifer while she is under their care. Quezada and Phifer they were accused of beating Leiliana with a belt, and a bamboo stick. The year prior to her death Leiliana’s grandmother noticed that her granddaughter had a large bruise around her eye, her grandmother contacted CPS, not only she had bruises on her body, she also had whip marks on her back. Quezada told police officers that “ she had collapsed in the shower”, she showed no remorse of what happened to her daughter until the day she showed up for court. They had removed her once from her mother due to her grandmother filed a petition saying “ My granddaughter is in danger living with her mother and her significant other, they are abusing Leiliana knowing she doesn’t know how to defend herself”.On March 2016 Phifer was taking care of Leiliana the night of her death,after Quezada took a shot of heroin before she went inside her home and found Leiliana dead inside of a closet Phifer locked her inside of a closet, tied up with an electrical cord and she was brutalized. The paternal grandmother has explained that the system has failed Leiliana when Quezada needed to go to jail because she was tested positive for drugs during the investigation. (KDFW 2017 sentence, 39)

Children that are emotionally abused can be part of the physical, and sexual abuse topic, children will have to get therapy after being abused with people that supposedly cared about them. Sexual abuse is a form of child abuse that can cause a child’s life. Children in United states get child abuse even if its a young boy or a girl before the age of 18 it is considered to be sexual abuse. Children can be sexually abused by a parent , or someone they know.

Human trafficking also involves children getting sold to other people for money and they have to pay the owner to have sexual encounters with the minor without their consent. Many girls and boys under the age of 18 are sold into human trafficking

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