″How have Computers Changed the Way we Live?″

Computers changed the way we live

Computers have transformed people’s lives. A computer is a machine that accepts instructions and can be automated to perform different functions. Computer use has been increasing every year as more people are learning how to use it and its functions are increasing. Computers have made life easier through automation of many functions. Computers have an influence on the way people learn, health care, communication, and utility facilities.

Computers are making communication easy

Only a few letters are sent nowadays compared to the period before computer and internet were discovered. Today people are using emails to communicate. There are other ways of communication such as Messenger and Whatsapp from Facebook. These are also creations of the computer.  Processing and storage of information using a computer is easier compared to printing. Communication using computer gives instant response.

Computers have improved the way people do their shopping.

With the presence of online shops such as Amazon and eBay, people can do their shopping from home. There are other small websites and application that serve particular localities, and some even facilitate shopping for groceries. The payment for the products is made online.

Computers have improved how people learn.

Universities are offering online classes where students can learn from anywhere as long as they are connected to the internet. Lecturers send soft copy notes, and the students can learn from home. Students can also get lectures on their computers. Libraries are offering their services via the internet and this is making learning and research accessible.

Computers are improving medical care.

The computer has improved storage of patient’s information and all the data concerning the treatment process a patient goes through. Access to information is easier when it is stored in a computer. Doctors and nurses save on time that could be spent if the information was stored manually. Computers are also assisting in managing automated operations.

Banking is easier

Banking can be done online. People are now sending money, request money and pay bills online. Bank customers no longer have to queue lines in the banking halls. Even paying for goods is possible and a person can pay to the company, and the goods will be delivered to them.

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